International Students

International Students

International Students

Study with us for one semester, a dual degree or for the whole program. Here you are going to find more information on how


Most institutions have their own internal processes and deadlines to nominate students for exchange. Make sure to check with your home university (International Office) to see how they work with ESPM. Students who will be applying directly, as visiting students as well as exchange studentds (after being nominated) should follow these steps to apply:

You can access the application form here.

Please note that all applications require supplementary documents to be submitted with the completed form by the application deadline. See below the list of documents that must be sent along with the application:

  • Copy of a valid passport;
  • Personal photo (passport size and format);
  • Copy of the Academic Transcript;
  • Certificate of Enrolment in Home University;
  • Certificate of English for classes instructed in English (B2 level at least) if applicable;
  • Certificate of Portuguese for classes instructed in Portuguese (B2 level at least) if applicable;
  • Certificate of Spanish for classes instructed in Spanish (B2 Level at least) if applicable;
  • Health Insurance (may be sent as soon as available);
  • Brazilian Student Visa (may be sent as soon as available);

These documents in a readble way must be sent to with the subject: “Documents for Spring semester Application” or “Documents for Fall semester application” by the imposed deadlines.


October 30th, 2020 – for Spring Semester (February to June).
April 30th, 2021 – for Fall Semester (August to December).
Late applications will not be accepted.

We will notify if you have been accepted and provide additional information on student visa, course registration and accommodation.


We offer a small number of courses taught in English each semester on each campus in the fields of business management and international relations. Please contact us to find out what has been offered in the past or to find out when the new courses will be announced. To take advantage of the courses instructed in English or Spanish languague a B2 level of each language is required.

Knowledge of Portuguese at the B2 level is required for students who wish to take advantage of ESPM’s full selection of courses in portuguese.

Start of the Classes

See below the dates for classes on each ESPM campus for the next semester. Be aware that those are predicted dates and changes may occur without previous notice:

  • São Paulo Campus: February 10th to June 25th, 2021
  • Rio de Janeiro: February 10th to June 25th, 2021.
  • Porto Alegre: February 15th to July 9th, 2021.

Admission Letters

All acceptance letters will be issued and sent after the deadline of the applications by email to all applicant students. The hard copy will be sent to the Academic Office of your home university until Nov 20th, 2020.

Courses Instructed in Foreign Languages

São Paulo - 2021/1

Courses from International Relations Program

3rd Morning International Trade Law (English) 2 36 Daniela Bertotti
3rd Morning International Organizations (English) 4 72 Demetrius Pereira
4th Morning International Business Law (English) 4 72 Daniela Bertotti
4th Morning / Night International Strategic Marketing Planning (English) 4 72 Marielza Cavallari / Sofia Ferraz
4th Morning International Logistics  (English) 4 72 Antonio Bonassa
4th Night Economia Política Internacional  (Español) 4 72 José Maria Rodriguez Ramos
5th Night Financial Market Dynamics (English) 4 72 Bruno Henrique Araujo
5th Night International Politics (English) 4 72 Carolina Pavese
6th Night Corporate Planning and Execution (English) 2 36 Bruno Henrique Araujo
6th Night International Negotiations (English) 2 36 Daniela Bertotti
7th Night Investor Relation: a pragmatic approach (English) 4 72 Fernando M. Ribeiro
5th-7th Night Social Entrepreneurship (English) 2 36 Denise Delboni

Grading System and Enrolment

Grades and Attendance: to be approved students must have a minimum frequency of 75% (seventy five percent) of classes and activities and grade equal or greater than 7.0 (seven) over 10 on the final average.

Prerequisites: some courses may have prerequisites. Make sure you meet all the prerequisites when requested.

Syllabus: will be available for the students upon admission or previous request.

First come first served: the academic office will allocate the students according to the order of request. There is no guarantee of the availability of any course. Students may not exchange or cancel courses after the second week of classes.

Courses Instructed in Portuguese Language

Click here to check all undergraduate courses available on our campuses. Choose the campus of interest, then, click on the name of the course and finally click on Matriz Curricular to see all the disciplines of the program.

For additional information, feel free to contact our team in charge of incoming students:
+55 (11) 5085 6654
Monday to Friday, from 9am to 7pm.