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History & Mission

ESPM's History

ESPM was born in 1951, when a group of advertising and media entrepreneurs, led by Rodolfo Lima Martensen, supported by the then director of Masp, Pietro Maria Bardi and the legendary Assis Chateaubriand, had the vision that only with a school of excellence would we have in Brazil a strong and developed communication industry.

It was the greatness of this ideal of our founders that ESPM was created, by the market and for the market. The school in which, ever since, “Teach who does.”

Throughout the years under the direction of Martensen, Hugo Scherb, Francisco Gracioso, Luiz Celso de Piratininga and José Roberto Whitaker Penteado, ESPM has reached the present day with campuses in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre, about 15,000 students and 750 professors, 8 undergraduate, postgraduate, masters, doctorates.

Institutional Vision

Excellence in order to guarantee our students a training that equips them to obtain the professional success necessary to honor their alma mater. Perennial, because the school’s commitment to our students is that ESPM will be firm and strong, with the highest quality and reputation, ten, twenty, fifty years from now, in order to honor the diploma they will take from here.


The moment a student chooses us, and we accept him, we take on a commitment with him and his family for the rest of his life. Because the student and his family entrust us not only the monies money, that is already a lot. They also entrust us with four years of life.


And, as if that were not enough, they still trust us with what they have most valuable: the future of this boy or girl. While the adults who take the postgraduate courses, they put their hopes of a better life in us. It is difficult to imagine another sector with such responsibility.


The obligation to form well and prepare well is only the beginning of our commitment. Our former students will need ESPM not for the time of study, but for the entire professional life.


In 30 years they will need ESPM, their “Alma Mater”, to be firm and strong, recognized and valued. In 30 years our former students must be able to fill their breasts, raise their heads and say with pride, “I graduated from ESPM.”


That’s our commitment. Excellence and Perenniality. Seeking excellence and ensuring perenniality is the obligation of any school. Wow, especially because we’re not any school, we’re ESPM.

Our Mission

Form leaders capable of transform business and develop the country.

Our Vision

Create global centers of excellence in our areas of expertise.

Our Values

  1. Academic Excellence
  2. Ethics and truth
  3. Free initiative and freedom of expression
  4. Human and social ascension
  5. Diversity

Our Culture

Guided by the examples of our founders, inspired by the great names that preceded us and worked hard for nearly 70 years, we developed a way of being, an ESPM Culture. This Culture and the students we form are our greatest wealth and our greatest pride. We are proud of our reputation and we are aware that it has been, is and will be built by people. ESPM Culture defines us as we are. And how we want to remain.

  • We love our country, we know the talents and the capacity of Brazilians closely, and we aspire to create global centers of excellence in our areas of activity.
  • We know and defend the value of education of excellence and its fundamental importance for Brazil to achieve the desired level of development that our people long for.
  • We are aware of our commitment to our students and their families, and we are motivated by the mission they entrust to us.
  • We stand for the Constitution, democracy, free enterprise and full freedom of expression.
  • We are obedient to the laws, inflexible about honesty, we like transparency, and we appreciate the truth.
  • We understand the value of the ethnic and cultural diversity of the Brazilian people, of citizenship and of the human and social rise, we respect people, their rights and their choices.
  • In our work, we evaluate and think before doing it, but we are aware of the level of urgency imposed by the 21st century.
  • We listen to opinions and encourage communication and debate between peers, subordinates and managers.
  • We value cordiality in our relationships. We treat our students, staff, teachers and providers with education, respect and kindness.
  • We do not tolerate any kind of abuse of power or harassment, we do not raise our voice and we always prefer the arguments to imposition.

In each of our campuses, one team, one ESPM and the same determination: excellence and perenniality.


Dalton Pastore – President
Brazil, August 20th, 2018