Guia do Estudante 2016

Rodrigo Cintra

05 December 2018

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Guia do Estudante 2018

Guia do Estudante 2018

Guia do Estudante is one of the most influential Brazilian rankings for undergraduate programs. In the 2018 edition, ESPM´s programs were amongst the bests of Brazil.

Guia do Estudante gives up to 5 stars for undergraduate courses, with only the best courses in Brazil receiving from 3 to 5 stars (3 – Good, 4 – Very Good, 5 – Outstanding).

The courses that do not present a grade, is because the course is not offered on that campus.

Program/Campus São Paulo Rio de Janeiro Porto Alegre
Business Administration
Communication and Advertisement
International Relations


Source (in Portuguese): Guia do Estudante 2018