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São Paulo

ESPM introduced the concepts of advertising and marketing in Brazil and today it is recognized as a center of excellence in communication, marketing, management and business. Its teachers and students have always stood out for their marked intellectual curiosity, as well as for the desire to change the reality of Brazilian society. This transforming spirit so well represents us can be found in all the undergraduate courses we offer in São Paulo: Administration, Social and Consumer Sciences, Design, Journalism, Advertising and Propaganda, International Relations and Information Systems in Communication and Management.

Our teachers bring together the academic world and the executive world, guaranteeing the courses the best equation between theory and practice. We maintain continuous contact with the labor market, allowing the adjustment of the matrix of the courses according to the present and future needs of the organizations.

With the aim of reinforcing the global perspectives in the training of students, the School maintains partnerships that offer the possibility of the students of Administration and International Relations obtaining the double titulación, in addition to agreements of interchange with several international universities.

ESPM Álvaro Alvim

Rua Dr. Álvaro Alvim 123
Sao Paulo – SP
04018-010 – Brazil

ESPM Joaquim Távora

Rua Joaquim Távora, 1240
Sao Paulo – SP
04015-013 – Brazil

ESPM Itaim

Rua Bento de Andrade, 700
Sao Paulo – SP
04547-004 – Brazil

Rio de Janeiro

Since 1974, ESPM has been present in Rio de Janeiro, where it remains a reference in marketing, communication and management. Over the past 40 years it has become one of the leading institutions in higher education, postgraduate and extension courses.

Through its work with the national board of directors, ESPM explores daily the potential and local characteristics of the unit to meet the demands of the market within the institution’s standard of excellence, highlighting Rio’s Country initiatives.

The Nucleus of Creative Economy, which in addition to acting with other specialized nuclei, such as Entrepreneurship and Research, increasingly brings the students closer to the reality and needs of the current and dynamic communication and business market.

ESPM Rosário 90

Rua do Rosário, 90
Rio de Janeiro – RJ
20041-002 – Brazil

ESPM Rosário 111

Rua do Rosário, 111
Rio de Janeiro – RJ
20041-002 – Brazil

Porto Alegre

With more than a quarter of a century in the south of the country, ESPM-Sul is the result of an intense trajectory of work, involvement, dreams and achievements, all based on a true relationship of trust with the entrepreneurs of the most southern region of the country.

We consolidate ourselves as an excellent, leading and innovative Teaching Institution that seeks to meet the demands of a globalized and competitive market in the areas of Communication, Marketing and Management, without neglecting the local reality.

ESPM’s values ​​and mission, sexagenarians and inherited from its founders, have not aged. On the contrary, they show its timeliness and vigor because they are exactly what inspires everything we do to face and overcome the challenges of a faster and more demanding business environment, and what guides these actions in a versatile, efficient and cutting-edge way.

Human capital and technological advances in all its dimensions are, like effective and creative management, the essence of our Institution. To do so, we invest intensely in the integration of the academy with the market through multiple and numerous initiatives.

ESPM Porto Alegre

Rua Guilherme Schell 350
Porto Alegre – RS
90640-040 – Brazil